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September 29 2017 11:18 AM | Ben Aprigliano
This game is focused on a criminal who is on the run from the authorities with a stolen car and a suitcase filled with stolen money. He is trying every method to stay out of the sight of those chasing him. The Small Town Thirst begins from the point where the criminal left the stolen vehicle and run away from perceived danger running after him through the woods. Since it is already dark, he made use of his stolen 9mm gun to shoot those behind him while he keeps running through the forest. He got to a small deserted town, hiding behind an old barn with the confidence that he had escaped from those running after him. As a man who knows that his safety is not yet guaranteed, he knew he had to act fast. Armed with a gun and a suitcase filled with money, he takes a glimpse around the corner to see if the place is safe for him and saw some houses and a church. He noticed a light from the direction of the old church and chose to run to the church. As soon as he enters the church, he realizes the occupants are hiding from some creatures around the vicinity. He later got to know that these few survivors found themselves at that point because their tour bus took a wrong direction. He will soon discover the church has a large colony of ancient vampires beneath it. A labyrinth of evil creatures have been living in this place for decades and held every occupant of the tour bus captive including the driver who possesses the keys to the vehicle; which is the only means of transportation out of the town. You must do whatever it takes to acquire these keys to escape from the town. You don’t have to stay there for long. A junkie, two brothers a teenage kid, a shady car salesman looking figure and a woman who seems to know more than the others. The fact is there is a passage beneath the church into the labyrinth; where the vampires have taken most of the persons from the bus, it’s also the place where the keys of the bus are located. You decide to arm yourself to go down into the labyrinth, these people think you are here to save them, but you only care for your money and a way out of this town. Now to tell you a bit about what sort of game type this will be, it’s a mix of many things. But it is best to be seen as a combination of dungeon crawling turn-based trap fixing puzzle solving. The movement: You will see a large map with tiles; you can move towards any direction go from one layer to another, dozens of different plans but all one giant labyrinth. Mineshaft looking backgrounds, a dark place where the vampires have lived for a long time, it is full of secret places unspeakable horror and traps to keep stranger of men who might be seen as a thread out.You can move back and forward from the church anytime. One of the ideas behind this is that you will find a lot of loot in the labyrinth, things that are valuable and junks that you can trade with the remaining survivors when you get back to the church.