A dungeon crawling adventure game about a criminal on the run who finds shelter in an old church located in a small deserted town, Underneath the town he must face a large vampire colony
Search for the busdriver, he has the keys to get you out of this vampire infested town, on your adventure you will meet survivors ,encounter strange mutated beasts ,loot lockers and chests, solve puzzles, trade with others,craft weapons,upgrade your skills and use everything you 've got for your survival!
# Turn-based fighting # Upgrade your perks/skills # Over 80 different items # More than 100 locations # Enemies with different stats # Darkwave/synth music # Interact with survivors # Craft weapons # Solve puzzles # Trade with others # Random encounters # Even your grandma can play this # Voiceovers
the development crew
Stephen Kruppenbacher Artist
Ben Aprigliano Game developer Vlad Momot Artist